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The Mission

Luke Richmond, an Australian adventurer has climbed five of the seven highest mountains on the seven continents. He has one more to do before finishing with the mighty Mt Everest. He is raising awareness for the Children’s Hospital at Westmead who care for over 70000 children annually and the Royal Flying Doctor Service, who have been the medical lifeline for Australians living in the vast Australian outback for many years. In between expeditions Luke owns and operates BoxHQ in Sydney where he trains hard for the ever looming Mt Everest.

The Day After

Moderation and easing into things has never been my strong point, for this reason Im fairly sure I over did it today for my first day back after Antarctica. For the build up to the Crossfit Open ill throw up my training day for all those who would like to follow along. First up this morning was a strength session.


Front Squat, 5 x 5rm – 105kg

Strict Shoulder Press, 5 x 5rm – 70kg

Weighted Pull Ups, 5 x 5rm – 32kg

Dips 5 x 5rm – 32kg

Kipping Pull Ups, Hand Stand Push Ups superset. 20 Pullups 8 HSPU

After Lunch I had a rings skill session practising ring pull ups, ring dips and muscle ups.

3PM (Hottest Part of the Day) NANCY Kicked my ass

5 Rounds for time

400m Run

15 Overhead Squats with 43kg barbell

Now it started ok dancing with Nancy, then in the third set of OHS I was failing bad. On the fourth run the heat kicked me in the guts and I was slowing like a wounded dear. To make a long story short she beat me down to finishing with the bar before I collapsed in a pool of sweat at 14.17 min. Def not a score worthy of my personal whiteboard, but it is a great motivator for the upcoming week. Bring on Sunday and session two.

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